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Hex Map Generator

Hex Gen is designed to create a variety of hexagon map patterns using text.
I've been facinated by this simple method for a long time. It's surprisingly
flexible and can be imported into docs, spread sheets, and even graphics editors.

What can you do with it? Well, text is certainly the most basic of data formats
which makes it very portable. The first time I used this format was on an IBM
Selectric typewriter in order to make mimeographs hex maps for role playing
games (AD&D and Metamorphosis Alpha.) Hex crawls are still alive and well in
gaming. War game players and map makers can make notes and scribble
down their plans/orders. If you're wanting to hack the Tactical Command or
Frozen Thunder DAT system, this is one place to start. You can also use
these grids for hex plotting games like Triplanetary as well.

Hex Size: Two   Four   Six   Eight  lines per hex
Map Shape: Full Height   Rounded  or  Squared   
Starting Size:
Starting Values:
 Height   (max 99 for both)
  (max 99 for both)
  WarpWar Map   Turn off numbers

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