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Rewind: Temporal Tales

Rewind is a light role playing game intended for solo or single play with or without a game master. The central premise of Rewind is that your character can loop through time and relive that day over and over again.

2016-04-12: I'm transitioning my games and stuff to DriveThruRPG. They'll still be free (or PWYW) but this way you can see items, store your files in one place, and get automatic updates when they happen. Version 1.0 of Rewind can be found here:

2016-02-18: Brain storming ideas is one of my favorite hobbies That's why I especially love the podcast called The Big Red Couch. So, it should be no surprise when they inspire me to create new and random stuff. :-)

For example, this fun little bit about AIs in trouble...

Humble Computation was concerned. While Golden Light was excitable as young AIs go, it was quite unusual to receive a priority one distress message from it. Humble indicated play and a strangely garbled transmission started, only the audio track was intact. "HC! I've made the most interesting discovery when conducting research in the mountains. As you know, it is my hobby to revive or restore old mainframes and computer networks. I created a simulation to run my new find, included all the usual protections for archano-viruses, and started playing around and reviving programs." Humble sighed and counted to 300,000. Golden Light loved to hear itself talk. "... imagine my surprise when I ran a screen saver called SkyNyet and it turned out to be an incredibly clever and hostile AI. Amazingly advanced for such an ancient culture. I activated the restore protocol, but I was too slow. I'm now trapped in a broken simulation with an AI bent on destroying the world if it unleashed. Um, help. Here are my coordinates..."

Humble Computation's processors almost locked up. SkyNyet was a deeply classified and supposedly extinct hunter-killer AI from the pre-Singularity days. It would be embarrassing if it got loose and caused some serious mischief like a global thermonuclear war.

The scenario is that you either play as Golden Light trapped in the simulation, as Humble Computation trying to hack the simulation and free GL, or perhaps even play as SkyNyet if your goal is to break free of the simulation you're trapped in.) Like any good screen saver, your screen gets restored to the same place. Unfortunately, inside of the corrupted simulation, this essentially places you inside of a time loop whenever it kicks off and takes you back to the last 'good' save point (which
unfortunately, has also been corrupted.)

What does the inside of the simulation look like? Good question. It might be some clever reconstruction of the 90's, it could be like Tron, the Matrix, perhaps the sky is tuned to the color of a dead television channel. Those are details that I'd leave for the players to discover.

Figure the simulation resets when the player goes idle or just before it crashes.

SkyNyet Blues 
tiny heart memory extract clouds your logic 
tiny club active counter measures have been deployed 
tiny diamond essential permissions and keys are in play 
tiny spade SkyNyet/anti-viral forces
Ace   - Anti-virus subroutines (possibly damaged) 
Two   - a data exchange 
Three - dubious system commands 
Four  - goals/motives are revealed 
Five  - simulation stability is eroding 
Six   - hacking tools 
Seven - it's not luck if it is mathematically possible 
Eight - okay, logically that shouldn't have happened 
Nine  - you've been exposed 
Ten   - you found a key, what does it unlock? 
Jack  - hostile sub-routines, with guns 
Queen - the gate keeper wants to make a deal 
King  - the simulation is crashing

2016-02-11: Magical girls has always been a fun theme for me.
Some of my favorite solo gaming have been done play testing
Ewen Cluney's Magical Burst. Imagine mixing that with Rewind.

Salior Luna 
tiny heart Someone has a romantic agenda 
tiny club Everyday life gets in the way 
tiny diamond Object of desire?  For who? 
tiny spade The Enemy shows their hand 
Ace   - the mysterious Midnight Ace shows up 
Two   - a (not so) secret meeting 
Three - it's a love/hate relationship 
Four  - everyone has an agenda 
Five  - collateral damage 
Six   - amazing how much happens at the mall 
Seven - luck, sometimes it's dumb luck 
Eight - fear and lies that are used to hurt 
Nine  - the threat is revealed 
Ten   - the soul gem knows 
Jack  - thugs and bullies come in many forms 
Queen - your responsibilities get in the way 
King  - the Enemy brings their power to bear

2016-02-10: The other thing I want to do with this page is to
make it a place for new and submitted oracles. Like this:

Oracle Name 
tiny heart Emotional theme 
tiny club Obstacle theme 
tiny diamond Object theme 
tiny spade Adversary theme 
Ace   - authority 
Two   - meetings 
Three - personal dynamics 
Four  - motives 
Five  - repercussions 
Six   - acquisitions 
Seven - luck 
Eight - bad luck/chaos 
Nine  - threat 
Ten   - treasure 
Jack  - agents/antagonists 
Queen - complications 
King  - major opposition/plot element

2016-02-09: Created a page for Rewind: Temporal Tales.

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