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Tactical Command

This is my crunchy vector movement space ship combat game
and design rules. It uses the DAT system which combines unit
design, angle of attack, and weapon damage in a single template.

2012-9-26: Draft version of Tactical Command 4.0 is up.

2012-5-27: Version 4 of Tactical Command is in development.
Some of the rules will be streamlined and the whole document is
being reformated in wide screen. Lots of new art work in planned
as well. Part of the new effort is a rewrite/redesign of the DAT
Builder program to make it available online and usable for TC and
Frozen Thunder.

2012-3-19: Here is the most current version of the Tactical
command rules - version 3, TacticalCommand_v30.doc

2012-3-16: Zero Hour

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