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Here's my little junk box of assorted web toys and utilities. Most
of them are powered by javascript and random number generators.

2017-05-14: DAT Builder v0.3, Supports Frozen Thunder

2017-01-06: Hex Gen,a text based hex grid maker

2016-01-06: Zero Dice, added d10s to the mix

2015-11-23: Zero Tarot, a fool's story generator
Inspired by a tarot based story game that I heard on a podcast.

2015-07-15: Here are a trio of classic web toys from the old site:
Map Gen, creates space sectors in several styles.
Plot Gen, randomly generates zany plots.
Rocket Calc, number crunchy rocket science.

2015-01-29: Zero Dice, a story dice generator
Updated Zero Dice so you can also select regular dice or
Fudge/Fate dice. Some of you may have noticed that it is
easy to tweak the results. That's acceptable because the
main purpose of Zero Dice is either to use it on-line with
friends as a story challenge game or to use Zero Dice for
for your solo gaming needs. In a solo game, the only
person that you're cheating is yourself and hopefully
you're getting a better story out of the effort. Enjoy!

2014-08-22: I'm proud to host some of my son's games as well.
If you like the idler style of games, check out SHMUP Idler.
Basically an idler is kind of like an interactive screen saver and
game combined. This is still a work in progress, but you can still
play it.

2014-06-18: Instant Magical Girl Generator, is based on Ewen
Cluney's game, Magical Burst. Click a button and get a complete
magical girl character for his game to use as a PC or NPC.

2014-05-16: Zero Dice, a story dice generator
Roll one to six virtual icon dice and make your own story.

2013-02-27: Star Wars Saga Edition NPC generator.
There is also a ready to print version.

2013-02-24: DAT Builder v0.2, Create Damage Allocation
Templates for assorted vehicles. Later versions will allow
for more games and offer other modes like map making.

2013-02-22: Evil Robot Generator, randomly creates robots
for your mechanical hordes.

2013-02-21: Random Language Generator, this utility takes
assorted language patterns and randomly generates (hopefully)
useful words to inspire you when creating and naming things.

2013-02-14: MZ Striker (Excel 2010) & MZ Striker (Excel '97)

2013-01-31: Mekton Zeta Life Path Generator

2012-03-19: I've got several items that I want to add, but I want
to focus on the major projects for a little bit before I add some
of my older gizmos.

2012-3-16: Zero Hour

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