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Map Gen is designed to create a wide variety of maps
for sci-fi role playing games and the like.

Map Style: Base Zero    Grid  Hexes 10x10  Hexes 20x20


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System Style:

Generic   Generic with Z values
Uncharted Worlds  Unexplored
Empires of Dawn   Empires with Stars
       Random Names
     Random warp lines.
     Multiple planets
     Asteroid Belts
     Gas Giants
     Enable Specials
    Dust/Nebula OFF  Dust ON  Nebula ON
    No 3D  Disk  Cloud  Dispersed
    Few Stars  Some Stars  Many Stars 
System List:


Key: The original star population chart is based on FOTS, a space opera space empire game by Greg Ellis.
The star spectrum is OBAFGKM, Va means variable, g is giant, Sg is super giant, fl is flare, Neu is a neutron
star, dw is dwarf, Rad is intense radiation, Ast is asteroids or other deep space debris field, Ion is an ion storm,
Mag is a magnetic storm, and Neb is a nebula.

Uncharted Worlds by Sean Gomes uses tags to describe a character's origin. I borrowed those to provide seeds
for describing worlds in general terms. The map is intended to help the GM create a sector of known worlds.
Wild jumps can add new stars/jump points to the map during play.

Empires of Dawn by Jeffrey L. Vandine uses HR for a habitability rating, Size for max colony size, and Res as
a resource multiplier. Jeffery says to give a tip of the hat to Rick Smith for some of the map concepts. The
symbol 'Dst' represents a dust cloud and the Z axis is its center point. The actual thickness is determined by
the GM or player concensus. A thin cloud would be one hex above and below the center, a thick one could
extend the whole height of the map.

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