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The Zero Dice challenge is to use all the dice images in your story or action description. If the audience doesn't buy it or you take too long, you fail the test and take a story consequence. The more dice, the greater the challenge. For example, look at a book = 1 die, take on thug = 2 dice, battle wits with a Sphinx = 4 dice, and defeat a dragon = 6 dice.

Because Zero Dice are very handy for solo games, I've added support for additional dice. Regular six-sided dice are used in many games. Fate/Fudge dice are used with some of my favorite role playing games. And, ten-sided dice are used by several RPGs as well as solo play aids like the Mythic Game Master Emulator. Note: Modern is combined with the Fantasy icons to provide more variety.

Select dice type and click on the roll buttons...
Select the type of dice you want and then press the button for how many. You can use the Keep check boxes to lock a die and then re-roll the others. For example, you can roll two images, keep them, and then roll four Fate by clicking on Roll 6.

Dice Type:            

Or, click on the hot bar to roll a single die...
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Big thanks to Aussiesim who figured out how to add the Keep functionality and to edbrannin for adding some additional polish to the HTML selection logic.

Icons provided under the Creative Commons 3.0 BY license. Many thanks to the following creators: Lorc, Delapouite, John Colburn, Felbrigg, John Redman, Carl Olsen, Sbed, Willdabeast, Faithtoken, Viscious Speed, Lord Berandas, Irongamer, HeavenlyDog, Andy Meneely, Sparker, Guard13007, DarkZaitzev, Lucas, Skoll, Cathelineau, Kier Heyl, PriorBlue, Zeromancer, Rihlsul, Quoting, SpencerDub, GeneralAce135, Zajkonur, Catsu, Starseeker, Pepijn Poolman, Pierre Leducq, Caro Asercion, and thanks again - Aussiesim.

More info and icons available at game-icons.net

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