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Need a random magic item or reveal an unidentified one? Professor Todd has you covered. Use the following options and click the button. Rank is always the same as the monster that dropped the item.   (page 174)

Random Item
     Armor or Shield
Random Rarity
Rank: Novice
Rank: Apprentice
Rank: Veteran
Rank: Master
Press the button and let the magic happen.
                                           More Names

Character data and tables are from Riftbreakers by Alex T. of Blackoath Entertainment and used with permission (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.)

Visit the main page at Blackoathgames.com.

Design Notes: A trinket of type Other can be a precious stone, key, fossil, die, or anything that fits in a pocket. Call me morbid, but I think that can also be things like a magical eye, a demon's finger, or a monkey's paw.

If the integrity die is already a d12, the first roll of 1-2 per session is ignored.

More Names adds more random names to the item.

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