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This is the main hub for my Riftbreaker Tools.

Instant Stranger      (page 11)
  Creates a random novice stranger.

Instant NPC              (page 96)
  Creates a random NPC encounter.

Instant Quests         (page 114)
  Daily quests for the Quest Board.

Rift Generator          (page 118)
   Frozen Wasteland
   Infinite Desert
   Lava Fields
   Primordial Forest
   Sky Ialet
   Thousand Islands
   Timeworn Ruins
   Underground Cave System

Instant Followers     (page 157)
  Five followers for the Quest Board.

Magic Items             (page 174)
   Random magic items with optional settings.

Loot Generator         (page 185)
Rewarding your hard work or murderizing...

Difficulty         Modifier

  Weapon Fumble          (page 86)

  Consult the Oracle   (page 92)

  Action - Theme       (page 93-94)

  Travel Check            (page 101)
     Kar Helos
     Arenmist Forest
     Bonespire Peaks
     The Violet Sands
     The Crystal Plains
     On a Quest?

  Gathering Check      (page 149)
    Terrain       Mineral   Alchemical

Character data and tables are from Riftbreakers by Alex T.
of Blackoath Entertainment and used with permission (
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.)

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