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Everyone wants to know what the beastie dropped. Professor Todd has the details. Use the following options and click the button. Rank is always the same as the monster that dropped the item.

Random Ore/Mineral
Random Alchemical ingredient
Random Monster ingredient
Random Essence
Random Heart
Random Potion/Alchemical Formula
Random Skillbook
Random Weapon Manual
Random Armor Manual
     Magic Items have their own page.
    (page 149)
    (page 150)
    (page 151)
    (page 185)
    (page 186)
    (page 188)
    (page 189)
    (page 189)
    (page 187)

Press the button and collect your reward.

Character data and tables are from Riftbreakers by Alex T. of Blackoath Entertainment and used with permission (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.)

Visit the main page at Blackoathgames.com.

Design Notes: I would have liked to add the loot drop tables for each monster, but that would have turned into over a thousand lines of code. Ack! So, this page will focus on the random results from the loot tables instead.

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