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Frozen Thunder

These are my rules for tactical anti-grav vehicle combat. It's a fusion
of Steve Jackson's Ogre/GEV, FASA's Renegade Legion: Centurion,
Mode 7's Frozen Synapse, and some of the combat and unit design
elements of my Tactical Command game.

2017-6-11: Revamped Frozen Thunder and the DAT Builder
Updated DAT Builder... HERE.
Frozen Thunder rules version 1.1 is located HERE.

2015-5-6: Well that took far too long to do. It's not like I was
constantly developing the game as much as I was constantly
side tracked with other projects and technologies. Here is
the v0.3 draft, the rules are more or less in place, but there
are still some spots for more art in the next version.

You can find an online version of the DAT Builder web toy HERE.
And, the Frozen Thunder rules PDF is located HERE.

2012-5-27: The rules are coming along nicely, but I need to
develop the new DAT Builder in order to create some internal
illustrations and make it ready for playtesting.

And now, some assorted grav tank designs with generic skins.

Grav Draft A

Grav Draft B

Grav Draft C

Grav Plate A

Grav Plate B

Grav Plate C

2012-3-19: The rules are still in development. So, I do not have
a lot to show you at this time. I do have some concept art that
I'll post in a little bit.

2012-3-16: Zero Hour

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